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Land Required!

Land prices have risen strongly in recent years, with good demand for individual plots and development land – either with or without planning consent.  Alongside this, some realism and relaxation in planning means it has never been a better time for landowners to act.

So, if you have some land to sell, or a plot that you think might be suitable for development, you have come to the right place.  We only deal with land on the Island – we are a local, specialist land company with our local reputation at the very heart of what we do.

What land do we buy?

Garden land, Single Plots and ‘2-for-1’ Replacements

Do you have a property on a large plot? Could there be enough space to accommodate a new single dwelling in the garden? Perhaps your property needs some costly renovation work?

Often there can be significant financial gain by developing a plot opposed to residential resale. Adding a new single dwelling or even re-developing the whole plot into multiple units can be highly profitable - and could be for you.

'Subject to Planning' Sites

Many people assume if you don’t have planning you can’t sell a plot of land. This is a common misunderstanding.

We work with landowners to agree to a ‘Subject to Planning’ sale. The sale is agreed under an option agreement until planning consent can be obtained by us. Once our application is successful, we complete the purchase, paying the agreed value of the land in full. This is common practise for properties with large rear gardens, commercial and brownfield sites and strategic land which may have a longer planning cycle.

Developing Land & Farm Buildings on the Isle of Wight
Planning to Selling Land Isle of Wight

Brownfield Sites

Redundant commercial buildings such as old factories, petrol stations, public houses and waste land can be very suitable for development and can bring planning advantages.

The development can be a specialist process with rigorous soil testing and other pre planning enquiries to be completed, but we have the right professional contacts who specialise in this type of appraisal work.

Commercial Buildings

There is an increasing trend for commercial conversion rather than replacement, and again planning approval can favour this approach. Did you know that under “Permitted Development Rights” some commercial buildings can be converted into residential use without the need for a formal planning application? Do you qualify for development under “PDR”? Does your office have a large car park? Now could be a great time to act and get the benefit of our expertise. If you have a redundant commercial office building, pub, hotel or building of historical interest an architectural value please do get in touch.

So, if you have a plot to sell, think you may have a plot with development potential or are just curious about finding out the potential value of your land, arrange a free, specialist, confidential appraisal today by contacting us.